50 Best places for active people to work

If you're anything like me, your training is probably close to your last priority of the day (I can feel coach Jen deleting me from her client base). For me it's true. I commute, work, have a family, obligations... Oh and that little 140.6 mile race I want to do... Some work days are slow … Continue reading 50 Best places for active people to work

I’m short and obese … super

Mooseman 70.3 - 12 DaysHey you know what's NOT awesome news to get 12 days before your first triathlon? That you're obese.Yesterday kicked off Healthy Week for NBCUniversal, a company sponsored week of free fitness classes, quick health exams, as well as diet and nutrition info. I signed up for today's biometric testing mostly because … Continue reading I’m short and obese … super