Where the sidewalk ends…

Remember that book? Well yesterday I found out exactly where the sidewalk ended. The answer is Des Plaines, IL.  I went for a 4 mile run and had to back track several times because there was no sidewalk torun on. WHAT THE HELL!! The first time I noticed the lack of sidewalks in the area was last … Continue reading Where the sidewalk ends…

Wow, what a long week!!!

Wow it's been a long week. A lot of work stress and no running don't mix well.I've been laying low since CM10, I did the Pumpkins in the Park 5k last sat. We went nice and easy and had a lot of fun doing it. I did one other easy 2 mile around my neighborhood … Continue reading Wow, what a long week!!!

Another great tool from Nike+ & a chance to win it!

Incase you couldn't tell I'm a big supporter of the Nike+ system. It's what kept me motivated to keep running and provided the training program I used to get ready for the Chicago Marathon. The day before the race I got a chance to meet with some Nike staff and talk about the new Nike+ … Continue reading Another great tool from Nike+ & a chance to win it!

What race is next? You choose!

We did it, after 8 months of training Adam and I finished our 1st marathon. It wasn't easy to do. Finding time to train, work, rest and have a life was more difficult and stressful than I ever imagined.Despite that, we both enjoyed the whole experience so much that even before 10-10-10 we were talking … Continue reading What race is next? You choose!

A short Marathon recap.

Yesterday's race was amazing. I'll have videos up in a few days hopefully, but for now here is a recap of my race.We crossed the start line around 8am. Adam took off in hopes of hitting his sub 4:00 time. My plan had been to run between 11 and 12 min miles, and depending how … Continue reading A short Marathon recap.

Can you feel it? CM10 is right around the corner!

The excitement is getting to me. The Chicago Marathon is just days away and I can't wait! Im constantly seeing other runners on Facebook and Twitter getting hyped up too! Tonight will be my last run before the big dance. I'm going to head to Niketown on Michigan Ave for the Marathon Champions Rally and … Continue reading Can you feel it? CM10 is right around the corner!

What do I expect on 10-10-10?

After living in the Loop for the past 4 years watching the Marathon is nothing new to me. Running it on the other hand is something I've never done before. My goal from day one was to finish with an official time... even if it was with 1 second to spare. But based on the … Continue reading What do I expect on 10-10-10?

Marathon Nightmare!

I know a few people who have told me they've had "marathon dreams". They've dreamt about the start, finish, who they cross the line with. I have had zero dreams that included the marathon. None.But the other night I had what I would classify as a marathon nightmare. In this dream the excitement about walking … Continue reading Marathon Nightmare!

Losing focus on the Marathon.

Aaahhhggg! I'm struggling to stay focused on running this past week. As the marathon gets closer and training starts tapering off, I feel like my work load everywhere else is ramping up.I'm in the process of moving, the amount of projects I have at work are growing by the minute and because of it all … Continue reading Losing focus on the Marathon.

Bring on October!!!

What a long and busy weekend! Saturday I went to Cog Hill to watch the BMW Championship with my Dad, cousin and a friend. We had a good time, it was a shortened match to NBC could broadcast the Michigan/Notre Dame game. We saw Tiger shank balls all over the course, which was cool. After … Continue reading Bring on October!!!