20 Weeks

It's exactly 20 weeks until IM Louisville and the only shape I'm in is round. So once again it's time to get my ass in gear. IM Louisville will be my 3rd Ironman and I'm well aware of the work that needs to be done to finish without regretting toeing the line. For the next … Continue reading 20 Weeks

What is “It Works”?

I'm always a skeptic. My skepticism increases by 100% when it involves anything health and fitness related. This is a story about my good friend Billy. I've known Billy for about 15 years and at no point would I have considered him a health nut. The most activity we ever got was walking from the … Continue reading What is “It Works”?

Holiday Booze info for athletes

I notice that everyone seems to stray away from their fitness and nutrition goals around the holidays. And hey why not! I'm not afraid to tell you that I'll probably the first one to crack open a bottle of something on Thanksgiving tomorrow. But what and when should you drink? LAVA magazine has an article called "House Calls: Drink … Continue reading Holiday Booze info for athletes

Time to get back at it!!!

Alright, my post-race rest week is over. Yesterday I got back in the game. I have 2 more Olympic distance Tri's this summer, both in August.Ill be kicking ass at RAM Racing's Bangs Lake Multi-sport festival on August 14th and then I make my Chicago Triathlon debut 2 weeks later. I'm pumped!There was a little … Continue reading Time to get back at it!!!

62 Days until Mooseman, Caffeine & Shamrock Shuffle

It's been a long stretch of workouts and no rest days. I'm tired. There's only 62 days until Ironman Mooseman 70.3. I'm more than confident I will finish, the question is how fast. I kicked this week off with a brick. An hour and 45mins on the bike followed by a 30 min run. Because … Continue reading 62 Days until Mooseman, Caffeine & Shamrock Shuffle

Morning Run & Performance Nutrition Review

My run this morning was uneventful. It was scheduled for 3 miles, I thought about going longer but instead I just stuck to the plan. Here is a recap...http://connect.garmin.com:80/activity/embed/48116736I've been playing around a lot with my during workout nutrition. I't becoming one of my bigger concerns as race day approaches. When I ran the RnR … Continue reading Morning Run & Performance Nutrition Review