WTC, Doping and Juan Pelota

When it comes to Lance Armstrong's credibility, I flip flop like I'm running for office. Part of me wants to believe that everything he has accomplished as an athlete came from nothing but hard work and dedication to his sport. Then there's the other part of me that thinks there has to be some truth … Continue reading WTC, Doping and Juan Pelota

Going the Distance – Week in Review

Here is a recap of what happened here this week! Check out some awesome events and clinics to help you prep for the up coming race season - Endurance Sports Events Get started with some basic info to help decide if it's time to get a TT bike - Transition: From a road bike to … Continue reading Going the Distance – Week in Review

Oakley Charity Lines

To on one's surprise, I LOVE my Oakley's. So obviously I thought it was pretty cool when I saw the newest lines of Charity branded Oakley shades! "People often say they wear their hart on their sleeve, but we know Oakley fans would rather wear theirs on their face." Most people are familiar with the … Continue reading Oakley Charity Lines

My long history with Oakley

Ever since I was a kid I thought Oakley's were the coolest, I've never worn another brand. But I was devastated on Saturday. My son had been walking around wearing my Oakley Valve's, it was pretty cute, until I found them on the floor later... in two pieces.I wasn't mad, but I was a little upset. … Continue reading My long history with Oakley

More cycling tips from Robbie Ventura.

Here is part 2 of my interview with Robbie Ventura, owner of Vision Quest Coaching. Last week Robbie talked about what to look for in a road bike. Today he's taking us through Trek of Highland Park and offering up some some must have accessories to go along with your new bike.As for me, I'm … Continue reading More cycling tips from Robbie Ventura.