Relays in an Ironman event, will it hurt the brand?

Yesterday World Triathlon Corp, owners of the Ironman, announced a relay division in some of their 70.3 events. Really? Ironman is the marquee name in the world of triathlon. From the World Championship in Kona Hawaii to the 70.3 or Half Ironman races in places like Muncie, IN it's supposed to be the ultimate tests of endurance. … Continue reading Relays in an Ironman event, will it hurt the brand?

Corruption, Deceit and the Chicago Triathlon

There are two very similar versions going around of what happened to the ChicagoNow Fast Action Response Team at the Chicago Triathlon. They were both written but my relay teammates Dave (Pace Of Chicago) and Dan (Cubicle Dad). I respect both of these men... we've run together, gone on training rides and swims together, they are my … Continue reading Corruption, Deceit and the Chicago Triathlon

Motivating weekend at performance camp.

Hey, did you miss me? How do you like the NEW ChicagoNow? I've written a few draft posts that I never published in the past two weeks. They were about my recent lack of motivation to continue training. It was a funk I couldn't seem to shake. I felt like I was just doing the … Continue reading Motivating weekend at performance camp.

I’m off to Mooseman!!!

Ironman Mooseman 70.3 - 3 days.This race seems to have snuck up on me. It seems like just yesterday I registered for a race that was 8 months away.At that point I felt completely unprepared. I did 500 yards in the pool and thought I was going to die. I was riding a mountain bike … Continue reading I’m off to Mooseman!!!

Shamrock Shuffle and Team CPD!

The Shamrock Shuffle is just a few days away. I'm excited for two reason, one it's my first race this season and the second reason is because I chose to run for a great cause.  After reading Pace of Chicago's great article about about Team CPD, I was inspired to join the team and help … Continue reading Shamrock Shuffle and Team CPD!

A BIG endurance weekend

I figured hat by the age of 29 I had a good handle on how to ride a bike. But hey, I've been wrong before.I got a text message from Dave "Pace of Chicago/The Walking Dead" Wallach on Thursday asking if I had taken a ride outside yet...Ummm No.... I picked up the shiny new … Continue reading A BIG endurance weekend

NEW CamelBak Groove Giveaway!!!

A few weeks ago I got an email from CamelBak asking if I wanted to try out they're new CamelBak Groove water bottle. I love CamelBak! I've written about them before while I was researching ways to keep hydrated on long runs. I even ran the marathon with a Fairfax on my back, so needless … Continue reading NEW CamelBak Groove Giveaway!!!

Figs, Stones, Nuts… Yep, we’re talking about Balls.

I went to the Chicago Bike Swap on Saturday in hopes of finding a great deal on a road bike for Mooseman. Unfourtuantely I didn't find one but I did learn a LOT about cycling and cycling gear.I met up with Dave Wallach (Pace of Chicago) who offered up some great advice. Outside of discussing … Continue reading Figs, Stones, Nuts… Yep, we’re talking about Balls.

Finding a Road Bike… The Search Begins!

I need a bike. It's a fact. For the time being I've been using my old GT Mountain bike, I got it as a birthday present when I was a freshman in high school. The gears don't shift properly and there is a noise coming from the peddles than can sometimes rival the sound my … Continue reading Finding a Road Bike… The Search Begins!