What an active Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday... I just love food, which is probably no surprise. And in years past my Thanksgiving activities included, watching football, eating way too much, drinking too much, and then deciding I needed a little more to eat.This year was different. I had a lot of activities going on! Thursday morning I … Continue reading What an active Thanksgiving!

Run, don’t shop on Black Friday!

If your Thanksgiving is anything like mine by the end of the night you'll be more stuffed than the bird you just devoured! The best way to combat the endless amounts of food and booze you're going to take in is a nice easy run the next afternoon... That's where ChicagoNow comes in...INTRODUCING: The Inaugural Chicagonow … Continue reading Run, don’t shop on Black Friday!

A short Marathon recap.

Yesterday's race was amazing. I'll have videos up in a few days hopefully, but for now here is a recap of my race.We crossed the start line around 8am. Adam took off in hopes of hitting his sub 4:00 time. My plan had been to run between 11 and 12 min miles, and depending how … Continue reading A short Marathon recap.


It's late... 11:15 Saturday night. The Chicago Marathon is just hours away. I was hoping to be asleep by now, but it didn't happen.It was a busy day... We started at the Expo for packet pick up around 9:30 and left at 11:30. We did lunch downtown and then home. Adam and I did a … Continue reading BRING IT!

Can you feel it? CM10 is right around the corner!

The excitement is getting to me. The Chicago Marathon is just days away and I can't wait! Im constantly seeing other runners on Facebook and Twitter getting hyped up too! Tonight will be my last run before the big dance. I'm going to head to Niketown on Michigan Ave for the Marathon Champions Rally and … Continue reading Can you feel it? CM10 is right around the corner!

Morning run and chasing the King

Since the Rock N' Roll 1/2 Marathon I've taken it easy, but not really by choice. I had two morning runs scheduled an easy recovery run Tuesday and 40 min run Wednesday. The weather didn't cooperate (i think Al Roker was getting me back for smoking him in the RnR). Running in the evening wasn't … Continue reading Morning run and chasing the King

Don’t call me lazy!

I just got in from a mile run... I was gonna do 5. It wasn't until I was at the 1/2 mile mark, thinking about my week that it hit me...Today is a rest day. I guess I was so focused on not missing a workout that subconsciously I decided to add one. I was going … Continue reading Don’t call me lazy!

Rest Day.

You know, I didn't think a rest day would matter that much given my "training schedule" the last couple of months. But I have to say, I'm quite alright not running today.I did a couple low milage workouts over the weekend. I felt pretty good, except for the heat. I've had very little if any … Continue reading Rest Day.

Time is running out!!

You see this? http://www.oneplusyou.com/bb/files/countdown/countdown.swf?co=0099FF&bgcolor=FFFFFF&date_month=10&date_day=10&date_year=0&un=THECHICAGOMARATHON&size=normal&mo=10&da=10&yr=2010Created by OnePlusYouThat's the little amount of time I have left to get my ass in gear. Before my injury, I would make time to get my scheduled runs in. It seems like now I'm trying to "find time" run.I was really motivated by David Wallach's blog this morning. If you haven't … Continue reading Time is running out!!

When you’re up, you’re up… THE HILL

Nervous. That was the best word I can think of to describe how I felt driving to "The Hill" this morning. I was going to meet Dan (Cubicle Dad) and Dave (Pace of Chicago) for a group run at "The Hill". I don't do group runs often... or ever really, I get concerned that I'm … Continue reading When you’re up, you’re up… THE HILL