Racine 70.3 Race Report

After 2 not so hot races (1 Sprint & 1 Olympic) I needed a good race before Ironman Wisconsin. In the weeks between Bigfoot and Racine I decided that if this HIM didn't go well, I was going to pull out of Wisconsin. I only told two people, my wife and my friend Adam who … Continue reading Racine 70.3 Race Report

Shamrock Shuffle: a disappointing PR

The last few years the Shamrock Shuffle 8K has been my first race of the year. It marks the unofficial start of the running season in Chicago, so it seems fitting. I like running it because each year I PR which makes me feel good about the training I've done in the off season. I … Continue reading Shamrock Shuffle: a disappointing PR

Want to run a longer race? You need a coach.

2012 is a whole new season and you want to move up in distance. It doesn't matter if you're a runner or triathlete taking your training and racing to the next level is a great challenge, but you need to do it right. When I started training for my first marathon I looked up a … Continue reading Want to run a longer race? You need a coach.

I ran the Shamrock Shuffle… Now want to talk about it.

Remember that 80 degree last Sunday when 45,000 runners look over the loop? Well I was one of them.It was my first start of the season and I was pumped! I somehow qualified for corral B, which psyched me out a bit. Usually I'm placed in Corral Q or somewhere waaay back there. So it … Continue reading I ran the Shamrock Shuffle… Now want to talk about it.

Mild Disappointment

If you follow me on Twitter (@PhilCastello), you might have noticed that I posted a tweet yesterday that says I had a new PR for my mile.... I was wrong... let me explain.I recently transitioned from using my Nike+ Sportband to Nike+ on the iPhone 3Gs and I'm a big fan. One of my biggest … Continue reading Mild Disappointment

Run away from stress.

MAN am I stressed out today! It seems that around every corner I've run in to a problem both personal and work related which created the prefect storm of stress. This calls for a run. Since I did the Shuffle yesterday, I'm going to have to take it easy. So since I'm sure I'm not … Continue reading Run away from stress.