Michigan Titanium Race Report

Grueling probably best describes my day racing MiTitanium Iron Distance race Sunday. I'm going to talk about the heat. I'll mention the wind, the darkness, hills and road construction. But the real reason I didn't have a good outing was because I didn't really train for this race like I should have. I hardly swam … Continue reading Michigan Titanium Race Report

How the New York Marathon can be a good thing.

New Yorkers are outraged that the NY Marathon will happen Sunday despite the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. Maybe running the race isn't the best idea. But a worse idea is bitching about it. You've all heard the phrase "actions speak louder than words." Stop complaining and start doing something! Here are a few suggestions. … Continue reading How the New York Marathon can be a good thing.

A few tips from Craig Alexander

Since I've been exploring various ways to increase my performance I thought it might be a cool idea to talk to one of the heavy hitters in triathlon. World Champion Triathlete Craig Alexander was in town this weekend for the Racine 70.3. He made a stop a Runner's High and Tri in Arlington Heights on Friday … Continue reading A few tips from Craig Alexander

What race is next? You choose!

We did it, after 8 months of training Adam and I finished our 1st marathon. It wasn't easy to do. Finding time to train, work, rest and have a life was more difficult and stressful than I ever imagined.Despite that, we both enjoyed the whole experience so much that even before 10-10-10 we were talking … Continue reading What race is next? You choose!

Rock N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon Recap

I have to say this race really exceeded my expectations. I had a great time running it and look forward o doing it again next year.I work up at about 4:15, which was completely unnecessary since I live just a few blocks from the starting line. I took my time getting my stuff together and … Continue reading Rock N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon Recap