Worst Bike Ride Ever.

I was really excited for my Sunday ride. I had a plan all figured out to fit it in. Since it was Easter we were headed to see family for breakfast, I was going to leave the house on the bike before my wife and then we would meet at her moms house. This plan … Continue reading Worst Bike Ride Ever.

A BIG endurance weekend

I figured hat by the age of 29 I had a good handle on how to ride a bike. But hey, I've been wrong before.I got a text message from Dave "Pace of Chicago/The Walking Dead" Wallach on Thursday asking if I had taken a ride outside yet...Ummm No.... I picked up the shiny new … Continue reading A BIG endurance weekend

Handling rest week and races.

I celebrated the first day of my rest week doing nothing... And i mean NOTHING. The weather was horrible, so I sat indoors by a fire all day... But I did feel a bit lazy. I think it's because I spent most of last week rushing around and trying to fit in my workouts, so … Continue reading Handling rest week and races.