Endurance athlete’s guide to Black Friday

Here is a short list of Black Friday deals that you runners and triathlete's might be interested in. Speedo - 15% off your entire order (Thanksgiving Day Only) - Use code - Thanks2011 Brooks Running - 50% Off Brooks Glycerin 8 - Use code BrooksBuzz Rudy Project North America - Over $300 in Free Gear … Continue reading Endurance athlete’s guide to Black Friday

The right tool for the job: Cycling Gear.

A couple weeks a go something cool happened. I got a my first reader e-mail from a guy asking if as a beginner triathlete I ride in proper cycling attire. Ok maybe it's not that cool to you, but I've never gotten a legit reader e-mail before, so I thought it was neat. The reader asked because he found … Continue reading The right tool for the job: Cycling Gear.

2011 Marathon Charity & New Bike

It's the announcement you didn't know you were waiting for!!!I decided to race with a charity for the 2011 Chicago Marathon. I did a few charity races last year and raised money for organizations like Cancer is Colorblind and Children's Memorial Hospital but I didn't run the marathon with a charity group.Before I registered on … Continue reading 2011 Marathon Charity & New Bike

Handling rest week and races.

I celebrated the first day of my rest week doing nothing... And i mean NOTHING. The weather was horrible, so I sat indoors by a fire all day... But I did feel a bit lazy. I think it's because I spent most of last week rushing around and trying to fit in my workouts, so … Continue reading Handling rest week and races.