Vote on the NEW blog Banner.

The other day I was staring at Going The Distance and I decided that I needed a new banner to give the page a new look. I made the current banner in about 15 seconds. It's tired. Time for something fresh.I tweeted asking if anyone knew how to make a banner that looked cool. With … Continue reading Vote on the NEW blog Banner.

Race day nutrition & Mc Idiots

Everything thing I write here is from a beginners point of view. Always has been. So excuse me if (as a beginner triathlete) I think some more experienced people are stupid... Let me explain.The other day I saw this article posted on facebook. The "McRunner", a Palatine father who is running the LA marathon on … Continue reading Race day nutrition & Mc Idiots

Can you waste a work out?

I love competition, and being that I lost the last Nike+ challenge to Adam, I'd LOVE to win the next one. Adam set up a challenge to see who could log the most distance in the next 2 weeks. The lead has changed twice already. I set out this morning and did a "speed walk" warm … Continue reading Can you waste a work out?