The wrong kind of PR

The wrong kind of PR

It’s been so long since I’ve been on this site, that I forgot my password to login!

I’ve been busy.

Since when is that a valid excuse for not working out? … It’s not. But that hasn’t stopped me from using it for the last year.

Between working on my startup RentSpek, working part time at CBS2 Chicago and filling my remaining time with my family, I felt too busy. The reality is that I’ve had all that responsibility and sometimes more for every race I’ve ever trained for… What was missing in the personal accountability to actually DO the workouts.

And because of that lack of motivation, I put on about 30lbs. And while we’re at it, let’s be honest… I was about 20lbs overweight before that.

At the tipping point I was 220, a new PR. When I raced Michigan Titanium ’13 I was 199, and I hadn’t trained for that race!

So now it’s time to go backwards, get back into shape and race. I signed up for 2 marathons this fall that I haven’t really been focused on training for. Luckily I still have about 3 months until the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

This will be my third 26.2 mile run through the city. However I think my goal of 5 hours or less is a longshot.

Almost exactly 3 months after CM14, I head to Orlando for the Disney World Marathon in January. This should be a fun race, my wife is going to run the Disney 1/2 Marathon and my kids will be in the 100 & 200 yard dash.

After running with Mickey & Friends I’ll head to California in March for Ironman Oceanside 70.3. This is the biggest event I’ve finalized on my schedule. I’m racing with my buddy Adam again, just like we did at Mooseman 70.3 in 2011 and Ironman Wisconsin in 2012.

Finally I’m looking at Ironman Louisville in August 2015. Sure it’s more than a year away, but I’ll need at least that much time to get my ass in gear.

They’re lofty goals for someone who hasn’t thought about training in a year, but they’re all attainable.

As I get moving toward the Chicago Marathon, the next step is to find a training plan that I can stick with and MAKING the time to fit it all in.

Here we go again.

Off season training tips

Off season training tips

Even with the temperature bouncing around and now snow on the ground (not that I’m complaining) its that time of year where a lot of your workouts are going to be indoors. Just last night I was sitting in my studio doing hill climb simulations on my bike trainer.

The challenge for all of us is  how to make the workouts interesting and beneficial without falling in to a rut. Over the next several weeks I’m going to speak with the best of the best in endurace sports about their off season training schedules and what tips the have for keeping it fresh!

Here is a tip I got from Robbie Ventura of Vision Quest Coaching last year when he helped me pick out a road bike.



If there are any pro’s you’d like to hear from or have specific questions you’d like to ask, just send me an email and I’ll try and get you some answers.

Happy  Training!

Managing sleep, training and everything else.

Managing sleep, training and everything else.

You know the story. You’ve got a big week of training lined up, but you’re missing out on valuable sleep that you need to help your body recover.

It’s the story of my life right now. I’ve been working to bounce back from a knee/foot injury from the Chicago Marathon. My training has been made up of short easy workouts, slowly building to the long hard sessions I’ll need to prep for IM Florida 70.3 and IM Wisconsin.

To add to the mayhem I have a 2 year old who’s decided 4am is time to be wide awake, and a newborn who… well… is a newborn, so she hasn’t quite developed a respect for “night time” yet.


Take this morning as an example, Sam (my 2 year old) was wide awake yelling “DAAAAAAD WHERE ARE YOU!!!” At 4 am, I tried to get him to back to sleep for a while, but after an hour of up and down I called it quits and took him downstairs. My wife and I were already up and down with our newborn, so we’re drained.

It’s too early for breakfast, so we had some fruit (and coffee for me) and started to play. After a cup of coffee I had a little pep! I reluctantly put on Wonder Pets (we don’t like him to watch TV, so it’s a last resort) and I got on my bike. My legs felt like Jell-O… I just didn’t have it in me, after 5 minutes I bagged the workout.

Because I’ve been so tired I took the last 2 days off. So I REALLY wanted to get some work in today. I’m going to shoot for getting a ride and run in during nap-time. So we;ll see how that goes.

So how do you manage getting in your training and rest? Do you have any tips or suggestions?