Phil’s Gear Bag

I love gear. From simple things like goggles to custom bike setups, I think every piece is awesome. Often times companies & brand managers will send stuff for me to try & review. This has given me a unique opportunity to really find what “works” for me on race day. For the 2017 & 2018 seasons I was lucky enough to be selected a Pearl iZUMi Ambador (takes the “ass” out of ambassador) as well as a 2018 ambassador for Skratch Labs Natural Hydration and Nutrition and Saris Brands. Here’s what I bring into transition.

Coaching – You can have all the best gear in the world, but if your body isn’t trained properly it’s a waste. I work with Jennifer Harrison Coaching. Jen puts a lot of effort in to her athletes and it shows.

Wetsuit – I have two suits I use. The XTERRA Vortex 4 sees most of the wear, I use it for OW training swims and shorter distance races. It’s really durable and buoyant to get the job done. For longer distance swims I use the TYR Freak of Nature: This is the lightest wetsuit I’ve ever put on. It’t extremely buoyant, very flexible and looks awesome!
Goggles – TYR Special Ops: I have 3 pairs of goggles in my bag, but these are the only ones I ever use. Great comfortable fit.
Jammers – TYR Firerock Splice Jammer: I wear these in the pool. They’re very comfortable.

Felt B14 Tri Bike. I’ve gotten to demo a couple different Felt bikes over the years and for the money (and my ability) this frame can’t be beat. I’m modified the cockpit to a Vision TT Carbon aerobes and aero bars. The brake levers and shifters are Vision Mentron series. I also ride a Felt DD30 Fat Bike that I play around with on trails and use to commute to and from work.
Kit – Pearl IZUMi Octane #PEARLiZUMiCustom Tri Suit. For training and road rides I prefer the Pearl iZUMi P.R.O. Pursuit line.
SeatISM TT Saddle: I never believed there was a comfortable bike seat, then ISM sent me this & blew me away! The key is getting it properly fit too.
PedalsSpeed Play Zero: I use the Cro-Moly version primarily because of cost. I like these because you can lock in on either side of the pedal.
ShoesPearl iZUMi Tri Fly P.R.O. v3: I like these PI’s cause they’re SUPER light, and are vented at the bottom which helps prevent that swampy feeling. When I’m off the TT bike and just road riding, I wear the Pearl iZUMi P.R.O. Leader v4.
Helmet – I have two, both from Rudy Project. The Sterling for training and recreational riding. The Wingspan TT for race day. I have yet to find a “con” about either of these.
 – Newton Running Motion
Kit – Pearl iZUMi Octane #PEARLiZUMiCustom Tri Suit 
Sunglasses: Oakley. Usually the Flak Jacket on race day.

Nutrition: Skratch Labs Hydration (Matcha, Green Tea & Lemon), Skratch Labs Sport Energy Chews (Raspberry), Skratch Labs Recovery Drink Mix (Coffee)

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