The most grueling week in sports!


Ok Maybe thats over kill. I just got an email this morning talking about the Men’s Health URBANATHLON. Doesn’t that sound cool!?!

It falls right after the Chicago Marathon… 6 days after to be exact. It sounds awesome and I really want to do it. But 6 days after the Marathon? Yikes!

I asked Adam if he wanted to do it, if he said yes I would have signed up right away. Unfortunately his flight back to Fairbanks is the day after the Marathon.

I’m trying to convince him to stay, mostly because I need someone as stupid as I am to do this event with me. Did I mention later that day I have the Pumpkins in the Park 5k?

These 3 events in 6 days would make the most grueling week in sports! It would be AWESOME! Assuming I could complete them all and live! 

I wouldn’t think twice about doing it if Adam were to join me… So I’m conducing a quick poll:

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