I’d rather run in Alaska… today

Adam and I have been slacking in the training department. We both ended up with injuries that required some time off, the only thing is we were given the OK to go about 2 weeks ago. 

I talked to The Mad Alaskan this morning (he is currently sending me e-mail after email about Alaskan bike races “we should do” while I write this).
Since we’ve both been WAAAAY off track I took the initiative to say today is the day we run. It seemed like a fantastic idea while the sun was out on my walk to work this morning…
HAVE YOU LOOKED OUT SIDE INTHE LAST 30 MINUTES!?!?! It’s horrible out. But just for grins I decided to check the weather in Fairbanks. I mean it’s Alaska, it’s gotta be cold and rainy there right?
Incorrect. 75 and Sunny. Those Bastards!
I think of the weather as a horrific frozen tundra from about Lambeau Field and North. Fairbanks is pretty desolate, I’ve only ever been up to visit in the winter when it’s 30 below & mostly dark I remember even being cold inside! … Adam doesn’t even have a toilet either… seriously, there is an out house in back! 
But today I’d rather be running there. But it looks like I’m getting wet after work today. Or else I’ll never hear the end of it. 

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