Run for Kids Recap.

Good lord was it hot this morning. And the windy city didn’t really live up to it’s nickname either. I think all the wind was used last night to blow those windows out of the Sears Tower!

This was my first race since my injury, but it felt like my first race ever. The first mile  was great. It started and ended at the Soldier Field South lawn. I was chugging along and hit my 1st mile at 10mins right on the nose, so that felt great. But with the morning sun beating down and absolutely no breeze along the lake path I wasn’t sure hot long I could keep up that pace. I just knew that no matter what I wasn’t going to walk.

I felt like I dramatically slowed down about mile 2 but again I just kept pushing… NO WALKING NO WALKING!!!

The killer was the finish, we swung around the Shedd and through the underpass where it was nice and cool…. I intentionally sloooooooooooooowed down there just to cool off. but then it was up hill to the finish.

Right as I crossed the finish line I stopped my Nike+ and listened to hear how poorly I did. I was thinking at least 40 mins, there was NO WAY I was under 40 mins.

Nike+ said 33:59!


I mean it wasn’t even close to the best I’ve done, but it sure as hell wasn’t the worst!!

I feel like this race put me back on track for my training, and I couldn’t be more excited!!

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