What do I expect on 10-10-10?

After living in the Loop for the past 4 years watching the Marathon is nothing new to me. Running it on the other hand is something I’ve never done before. My goal from day one was to finish with an official time… even if it was with 1 second to spare. But based on the training runs I’ve gone on my goal time slowly changed. I’ve set a stretch goal of 5 hours for CM10. I think it definitely do-able, as long as I stick to my plan.

My “running partner” Adam on the other hand, announced today (though he claims he told me last week) that his goal is sub 4 hours. I think his Nike+ must be on the fritz, cause that sounds a little nuts. Now by no means am I going to get in the way of someone setting, what I would consider, an amazing PR for their first marathon. But I am a little peeved that since our Nike+ Coaching Program started in March we had planned on running together, and now that appears to be incorrect.
Out of curiosity I texted my friend Beefy, who is running CM10 for the 3rd time and asked him what his goal was.
“Don’t die, under 630.”

I think I fall in Beef’s category, but I’m still eyeing the 5 hour mark.

I’ve been training alone since March, I ran the Rock and Roll Half alone, I completed my 20 miler alone, so I’m ok with running CM10 alone. So regardless of your goal time I wish everyone running good luck, and if you pass me along the way I’ll tell you the same thing I told Adam…

I’ll meet you at the car.

One thought on “What do I expect on 10-10-10?

  1. My dad has run 5 marathons and his goal was always the same: sundown & vertical. 🙂

    My lofty goal? Beat the Official End of Race Vehicle.

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